Web stores that sell Trusties CD’s

Buy direct

You can also buy our stuff directly from us. We offer free packaging & shipping all over the world. Currently we are able to ship only to PayPal approved countries.

Payment is handled conveniently & securely through Paypal. Just click the Add to cart buttons below to add CDs to your shopping cart. Note that the shopping cart will show the seller as “Ville Veijalainen” – this is because our bass player Ville manages our Paypal account.

For Finnish customers a direct bank payment is also possible. Send us an email if you wish to pay direct.

Untouchable CD cover
Trusties / Untouchable (CD) РPrice: 15 EUR
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Human Wheel CD cover
Trusties / Human Wheel (CD) – Price: 15 EUR
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We Just Want To Rule The World CD cover
Trusties / We Just Want to Rule the World (CD) – Price 15 EUR
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Growing Smaller CD cover
Trusties / Growing Smaller (CD) – Price: 10 EUR
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