Stores that sell Trusties CD’s





Buy direct

You can also buy our stuff directly from us. We offer free packaging & shipping all over the world. Currently we are able to ship only to PayPal approved countries.

Payment is handled conveniently & securely through Paypal. Just click the Add to cart buttons below to add CDs to your shopping cart. Note that the shopping cart will show the seller as “Ville Veijalainen” – this is because our bass player Ville manages our Paypal account.

For Finnish customers a direct bank payment is also possible. Send us an email if you wish to pay direct.

email as a pic to prevent spam

Human Wheel CD cover
Trusties / Human Wheel (CD) – Price: 15 EUR
Paypal add to cart

We Just Want To Rule The World CD cover
Trusties / We Just Want to Rule the World (CD) – Price 15 EUR
Paypal add to cart

Growing Smaller CD cover
Trusties / Growing Smaller (CD) – Price: 10 EUR
Paypal add to cart

Download stores

iTunes Amie Street

Some of our stuff is also available in download format. Click on one of the store icons above for music downloads.

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