Trusties in Concert – the first 30 years

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Trusties invites you to celebrate the first 30 years of their musical journey in this unique concert. This event is a must for all fans of ambitious and original music.

Date: 5 December 2019
Venue: Voimala 1889 / Kasarmintie 1 / Oulu, Finland
Age restriction K18

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Untouchable – a concept album by Trusties

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Trusties releases a new concept album “Untouchable”

“Untouchable” is a psychological thriller about a seemingly normal kid planning a mass murder. It is the fourth album from the Finnish progressive rock group Trusties, and clearly their most ambitious work so far, a full blown concept album or a rock opera as some might call it.


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The music combines diverse influences ranging from symphonic rock to heavy metal and folk music. Musical expression and emotional range of the performance are taken to their extremes, sometimes reaching theatrical measures.

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1. Arrival from Within 2:14
2. Slave of the Song 3:29
3. Quicksand 2:45
4. Loner in the Lonely Land 2:43
5. There's Nothing Out There 3:18
6. Children of the Machine 5:50
7. A Grave Inside Me 1:26
8. Outside of Place and Time 4:23
9. A Dream I Never Had 5:21
10. Return to the Surface of the Earth 6:35
   Empty Minds United
   Human Hater
   Talking to Myself
11. Exposed to Light 2:49
12. Room of New Life 1:30
13. The Last Wish 10:53

The first single from Untouchable out now!

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The first single from the Untouchable album, “Exposed to Light” has been released! Let us hear your comments!

Exposed to Light (

Exposed to Light (Spotify)


New album coming in December 2016! Preorder now!

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The long-awaited new Trusties album will be released in mid December. The album contains over 50 minutes of new original epic progressive material. Be among the first to hear it by preordering the CD!


Trusties / Untouchable (2016) CD Preorder – Price: 15 EUR
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Growing Smaller – the missing song

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Back in 1997 we recorded 14 songs for the Growing Smaller album. One of them didn’t quite seem to fit the track order and we weren’t totally happy with the chorus so only 13 songs made the album.

Some things just take time – after 17 years of incubation we proudly present: The Clown

The chorus backing vocals were re-recorded in June 2014. Everything else is from the original sessions in 1997. The mixing & mastering were done faithfully to the vibe of the Growing Smaller album.

LIVE Sound & Moving Picture from 17 Jan 2013

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Some teaser video material from the Oulu / 45 Special gig. More will be posted soon!

Live photos from 17 Jan 2013 – Oulu/45 Special

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Photos © Kari Meriläinen

You Can Only Lose – lyrics video

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Next upcoming live show

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45 Special

Thursday 17 Jan 2013 — Oulu / 45 Special

Trusties will play a full concert with material from the Human Wheel and We Just Want To Rule The World albums at 45 Special – Home Of Rock. It is entirely possible that you’ll get to hear some totally new material too!

New editor on the team

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Besides playing, a musicians life is filled with daily chores such as replacing molten bass strings, swapping charred drum heads and optimizing the aerodynamics of guitar picks. All that maintenance work leaves very little time for the all-important task of being visible in the media. We thought we could use some help bringing Trusties-related news to all the modern media including Facebook. Therefore we decided to hire a long-time fan to run the Facebook show for us.

Please welcome Mr. Teemu Pennala – our new Facebook editor!

Trusties on Facebook