We Just Want To Rule The World

We Just Want To Rule The World CD cover

  • Released Nov 16th 2003
  • Total duration: 59:16
  • 13 songs ranging from a minute and a half to over ten minutes
  • Cover-art consists of a 8-page booklet containing all the lyrics

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Track Listing

OvertureUniverse’s EndBack to the WombYour GodMessagesLooking for KeithThe Ultimate DecisionA Different WhiteThe Usual BlackIn the ForestIn the ValleyNothingEverything

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A two minute preview:

Your God:


“Trusties want to conquer the world and one wishes that they succeed, because this album is staggering… Accelerations and decelerations, rhythmic explosions and epileptic guitar solos, all this brought to you with a strong dose of humour and a thunder-like production, this is the world according to Trusties… I can only recommend this exceptional album.”
Cousin Hub / Koid’9 #49

“…indeed they’re very ‘progressive’ with plenty of surprises, mood shifts, odd time changes, melodic pyrotechnics and chops to spare … and they rock … an exciting disc worthy of investigation”
Expose #29 / Peter Thelen

“Variegated & firmament prog gets another new entry from Finland… thirteen new compositions, where they reveal the great dynamics of the band and good elastic ability to move between distant styles and kinds frequently… A discreet recording and album, which certainly requires some attention.”
Ezio Candrini / Paperlate #50

“Here’s a band that not only wants to rule the world, but wants to do it with music containing influences from unusually many styles – and this without sounding at all confusing… They are extra-ordinary musicians, but what makes this disc so good is the rhythm section, innovative use of acoustic guitars and not the least the interesting compositions. An album warmly recommended for you, who wants to try something else than synphonic, metal or neo, really an alternative to all music bound by forms.”
Sven Eriksen / Tarkus #28

“There are some common treads in the music : very good writing and top notch performance from all the musicians… Trusties is one of the most promising bands out there… A diamond in the rough… but a diamond indeed.”
Marc / Proggnosis

“… they are back and plugged in with vengeance … ”
Total rating : 15 / 16

Progression magazine #45 / John Patrick

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