Shocking news: Suti got fired! Or did he quit?

•September 14, 2012 • 2 Comments

The public fighting has begun, soon moving to the court room.

The band had this to say: “Suti is such a big diva, he didn’t fulfill his part of the toilet cleaning duties at the studio. His equipment rack was such a mess with all those unreliable tc electronic and Mesa/Boogie boxes and it was so heavy that he couldn’t lift it by himself, always needing someone to help drag it around”.

Suti responds: “You guys didn’t share the pizza fairly at the backstage, the shrimps belong to the fastest player, everybody should know that, especially the bass player! “.

Bass player clarifies: “No, that was the deal with the salami. There were only three shrimps, besides.”

Suti: “F..k it, I QUIT!”

The band: “You hog all the shrimps at Aquaplan gigs anyway, so YOU’RE FIRED!!”


Drumkit upheaval for winter live shows!

•September 2, 2012 • 2 Comments

Janne has been talking about getting a full set of concert toms for a while.
Now they are here – all eight of them! Majestic!

Vocals, vocals… more vocals

•June 12, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Progress… progress… things are happening in the recording front.
Vocal tracking has been going on for a while. Here’s some pics of Matti doing the singing and Ville producing.

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Preparations for guitar recording

•May 15, 2012 • 3 Comments

All of the Aquaplan drum tracks are now done, phew! That was a lot of work…

I had to have a week and a half of rest (no playing at all) during the tracking due to an old hand injury that still keeps coming back and bugging me. Now my work is done and I can start bugging other Aqua-folks with “are you done yet?” 😉

So… it’s time to start getting  guitar sounds for the Trusties album. I have been collecting second-hand guitar speakers to have a selection of different sounds available for recording. The first step was to decide which speaker gets mated to which cabinet:

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Damn, those Mesa 1×12:s loaded with EVM12L:s still sound great!


Gimme maximum bass at all frequencies, man!

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Ville is almost done tracking bass for the new album.

Here’s snippets from track 11 (a rocking Maiden-influenced song in 7/4), track 10B (an instrumental) and track 6 (check out that opening drums/bass hook!).

Drums are in the can!

•February 16, 2012 • 1 Comment

All of the drum tracks for the next album are done, thirteen songs as always. 😈

Two snare mics plus a piezo clip on the bottom rim, four octobans, five toms, left double bass drum, right double bass drum, two overheads and two room mics – in total there’s 18 channels of boom, crack, crash and cling goodness!

Next, I’ll move the mics over to my kit and start recording drums for the next Aquaplan album. Meanwhile Ville has already started recording bass for the Trusties album.

Problem solved – drum recording continues

•January 30, 2012 • 1 Comment

We managed to find a replacement bearing that fits on the axis bass drum pedal. Pedals are working and drum recording can continue!

Here’s some more pics of the miked drumkit.

Busted bearing… oh crap!

•January 18, 2012 • 1 Comment

So… drum recording is almost done, there’s just one song that’s not done yet. It’s just our luck that we run into a hitch so close to the finish line.

“What the f..k is up with these bass drum pedals??”
“Let’s check if the settings are the same for left and right pedal… nope that’s not it.”
“WTF, the right pedal feels very sticky and unresponsive?!?”

Turns out one of the bearings in the right pedal is busted. Hopefully we’ll get a replacement soon.

We’re recording a new album!

•January 11, 2012 • 1 Comment

Exciting news! All of the music and lyrics for the next album has been written and currently we are recording drum and bass tracks!

Last year was spent arranging and rehearsing the new material and now we’re finally at the stage where we get to realize the new songs on (virtual) tape.

More old live stuff …

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