You Can Only Lose – lyrics video

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Next upcoming live show

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45 Special

Thursday 17 Jan 2013 — Oulu / 45 Special

Trusties will play a full concert with material from the Human Wheel and We Just Want To Rule The World albums at 45 Special – Home Of Rock. It is entirely possible that you’ll get to hear some totally new material too!

New editor on the team

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Besides playing, a musicians life is filled with daily chores such as replacing molten bass strings, swapping charred drum heads and optimizing the aerodynamics of guitar picks. All that maintenance work leaves very little time for the all-important task of being visible in the media. We thought we could use some help bringing Trusties-related news to all the modern media including Facebook. Therefore we decided to hire a long-time fan to run the Facebook show for us.

Please welcome Mr. Teemu Pennala – our new Facebook editor!

Trusties on Facebook

Shocking news: Suti got fired! Or did he quit?

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The public fighting has begun, soon moving to the court room.

The band had this to say: “Suti is such a big diva, he didn’t fulfill his part of the toilet cleaning duties at the studio. His equipment rack was such a mess with all those unreliable tc electronic and Mesa/Boogie boxes and it was so heavy that he couldn’t lift it by himself, always needing someone to help drag it around”.

Suti responds: “You guys didn’t share the pizza fairly at the backstage, the shrimps belong to the fastest player, everybody should know that, especially the bass player! “.

Bass player clarifies: “No, that was the deal with the salami. There were only three shrimps, besides.”

Suti: “F..k it, I QUIT!”

The band: “You hog all the shrimps at Aquaplan gigs anyway, so YOU’RE FIRED!!”

Drumkit upheaval for winter live shows!

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Janne has been talking about getting a full set of concert toms for a while.
Now they are here – all eight of them! Majestic!

Vocals, vocals… more vocals

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Progress… progress… things are happening in the recording front.
Vocal tracking has been going on for a while. Here’s some pics of Matti doing the singing and Ville producing.

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Preparations for guitar recording

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All of the Aquaplan drum tracks are now done, phew! That was a lot of work…

I had to have a week and a half of rest (no playing at all) during the tracking due to an old hand injury that still keeps coming back and bugging me. Now my work is done and I can start bugging other Aqua-folks with “are you done yet?” 😉

So… it’s time to start getting  guitar sounds for the Trusties album. I have been collecting second-hand guitar speakers to have a selection of different sounds available for recording. The first step was to decide which speaker gets mated to which cabinet:

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Damn, those Mesa 1×12:s loaded with EVM12L:s still sound great!