Busted bearing… oh crap!

So… drum recording is almost done, there’s just one song that’s not done yet. It’s just our luck that we run into a hitch so close to the finish line.

“What the f..k is up with these bass drum pedals??”
“Let’s check if the settings are the same for left and right pedal… nope that’s not it.”
“WTF, the right pedal feels very sticky and unresponsive?!?”

Turns out one of the bearings in the right pedal is busted. Hopefully we’ll get a replacement soon.


~ by Marko Oikarinen on January 18, 2012.

One Response to “Busted bearing… oh crap!”

  1. Yep, that’s me ass up-head first measuring the pedal settings. The next photo by Oikku shows the busted bearing.

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