A live video from the archives!

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A new review (in Finnish)

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Kalevi Heino from Imperiumi.net seems to have enjoyed spinning the Human Wheel quite a bit. If you’ve been exposed to the secrets of Finnish language, you can follow the link below to read the whole review yourself.



Live photos

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Human Wheel now available on Spotify

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The Human Wheel album is now available on Spotify.

Latest Human Wheel reviews added

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The reviews page has been updated so you can read what the critical reviewers say about Human Wheel.

Arranging new material…

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Our new rehearsal/recording room is almost done and sounds great! It’s time to start playing again after a long break!!! Now… lemme see… was the guitar neck supposed to point left or right???

Here’s some photos from yesterdays rehearsal session. Matti was sick so he’s missing…

All photos © Matti Oikarinen

Hey! We deserve a breakthrough…

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…at least ProgRalph @ DigitalSteel thinks so:

Digital Steel (Rating: 85 /100)

“Human Wheel is highly recommended for progressive rock fans. With this album the Trusties show lots of progressive highlights, sometimes heavy and the other time with emphasis on rock. Trusties are a band that deserves a breakthrough. With this album it might be possible.”

Human Wheel
gets more positive reviews, here’s one from Italy:

Metallopedia – Il wiki dell’ Heavy Metal

“Lavoro davvero interessante per un disco autoprodotto. Per gli amanti del genere, un’ottima opportunità.”

Women love it too! Human Wheel scores 10/13 at Room Thirteen.

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Jodie Woodgate reviews Human Wheel at http://www.roomthirteen.com/cd_reviews/10488/Trusties__Human_Wheel.html

Some snippets:

“Trusties are a band that is hard to beat, effortlessly able to create a vibrant soundscape such as on ‘When Sense Meets Its maker’ and ‘Them Or Us’ that engulfs with its theatrics until you are powerless, destined to go on Trusties musical journey with them amid a wave of intricate guitars that will excite and amaze in equal measure.”

“‘Human Wheel’ is graceful, allowing every intricate drum beat, every complex guitar riff to truly shine for all to appreciate be you a true prog-rock follower or merely an occasional listener.”

“Forget what you thought you knew about progressive rock and open your minds to the world of Trusties.

Rated 10 out of 13.


Extending the mix

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Roger Öhrström from ExtendedMix.com has taken several spins in the Human Wheel, and describes the experience in the link below.


In case you don’t understand Swedish, I took the liberty of high-lighting a couple of points he makes in the review. It’s always interesting to read which tracks get mentioned , either in a positive or negative context. This time a special acknowledgments are given to Radiobeings, Autopilot, Free Fall, Human Wheel & When Sense Meets Its Maker. There are still at least a couple of tracks on the Human Wheel, which haven’t been raised up in any review. Who knows, maybe we’ll  come to hear opinions about even those ones in the future.

I was happy to find out that Roger took the time to give the record several critical listens, not every reviewer has such dedication and passion. Observe his last senteces:

“…This is also a disc that requires a lot from the listener, I’ve listened it 6 or 7 times now, and it doesn’t feel like I’ve heard everything yet. Often it’s discs like this that don’t leave the player for the whole lifetime.”


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Are you familiar with Jango.com ?

It’s an online radio station with social networking features. The idea is that in addition to listening to your favourite artists, it allows you to find new music based on your musical profile. I suppose it has some things in common with Last.fm.

Of course most of the content is mainstream music, but there seem to be more and more lesser known artists in rotation also. To be honest I haven’t made many new discoveries yet, but have re-discovered many artists I haven’t listened to for a while. In any case I would expect this is the future of radio. This kind of services will probably soon emerge in cell phones (at least Spotify is already available for iPhone), then at car & home radios…

We submitted the “When sense…” track from the Human Wheel album to see what kind of response it would generate: http://www.jango.com/music/Trusties

The interesting thing for me is to see what other artists our listeners seem to like. The initial data is quite surprising at least, but the statistics might still be biased, so no more about those yet.

This is the other side of social networking, the more you engage,  the more the network learns about you. So beware, when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you…