Women love it too! Human Wheel scores 10/13 at Room Thirteen.

Jodie Woodgate reviews Human Wheel at http://www.roomthirteen.com/cd_reviews/10488/Trusties__Human_Wheel.html

Some snippets:

“Trusties are a band that is hard to beat, effortlessly able to create a vibrant soundscape such as on ‘When Sense Meets Its maker’ and ‘Them Or Us’ that engulfs with its theatrics until you are powerless, destined to go on Trusties musical journey with them amid a wave of intricate guitars that will excite and amaze in equal measure.”

“‘Human Wheel’ is graceful, allowing every intricate drum beat, every complex guitar riff to truly shine for all to appreciate be you a true prog-rock follower or merely an occasional listener.”

“Forget what you thought you knew about progressive rock and open your minds to the world of Trusties.

Rated 10 out of 13.



~ by Marko Oikarinen on November 17, 2009.

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