Are you familiar with Jango.com ?

It’s an online radio station with social networking features. The idea is that in addition to listening to your favourite artists, it allows you to find new music based on your musical profile. I suppose it has some things in common with Last.fm.

Of course most of the content is mainstream music, but there seem to be more and more lesser known artists in rotation also. To be honest I haven’t made many new discoveries yet, but have re-discovered many artists I haven’t listened to for a while. In any case I would expect this is the future of radio. This kind of services will probably soon emerge in cell phones (at least Spotify is already available for iPhone), then at car & home radios…

We submitted the “When sense…” track from the Human Wheel album to see what kind of response it would generate: http://www.jango.com/music/Trusties

The interesting thing for me is to see what other artists our listeners seem to like. The initial data is quite surprising at least, but the statistics might still be biased, so no more about those yet.

This is the other side of social networking, the more you engage,  the more the network learns about you. So beware, when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you…


~ by ville1234 on October 28, 2009.

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