Extending the mix

Roger Öhrström from ExtendedMix.com has taken several spins in the Human Wheel, and describes the experience in the link below.


In case you don’t understand Swedish, I took the liberty of high-lighting a couple of points he makes in the review. It’s always interesting to read which tracks get mentioned , either in a positive or negative context. This time a special acknowledgments are given to Radiobeings, Autopilot, Free Fall, Human Wheel & When Sense Meets Its Maker. There are still at least a couple of tracks on the Human Wheel, which haven’t been raised up in any review. Who knows, maybe we’ll  come to hear opinions about even those ones in the future.

I was happy to find out that Roger took the time to give the record several critical listens, not every reviewer has such dedication and passion. Observe his last senteces:

“…This is also a disc that requires a lot from the listener, I’ve listened it 6 or 7 times now, and it doesn’t feel like I’ve heard everything yet. Often it’s discs like this that don’t leave the player for the whole lifetime.”


~ by ville1234 on November 3, 2009.

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