Preparations for guitar recording

All of the Aquaplan drum tracks are now done, phew! That was a lot of work…

I had to have a week and a half of rest (no playing at all) during the tracking due to an old hand injury that still keeps coming back and bugging me. Now my work is done and I can start bugging other Aqua-folks with “are you done yet?” 😉

So… it’s time to start getting  guitar sounds for the Trusties album. I have been collecting second-hand guitar speakers to have a selection of different sounds available for recording. The first step was to decide which speaker gets mated to which cabinet:

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Damn, those Mesa 1×12:s loaded with EVM12L:s still sound great!



~ by Marko Oikarinen on May 15, 2012.

3 Responses to “Preparations for guitar recording”

  1. You got any sounds out of those boxes yet? Just ’cause EVM12L rules!
    Do you have 4 EV:s to fully load an oversized 4×12 cab?
    Are you done yet?

  2. Sounds: have to get a Soundcloud account or something first…

    I wish I had 4 EV:s… maybe I should secretly swap the speakers in Suti’s road-ready Thieles for Celestion/Marshall AVT:s. You think he’d notice if I did that? “Didn’t my cabs used to be heavier?”

    Not done yet 😉

  3. Soundclips here:

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