Human Wheel

  • Human Wheel CD coverRelease date Jun 6th 2009
  • Total duration: 69:37
  • 12 new awesome original Trusties-songs
  • 12-page full-color booklet with lyrics to all songs
  • Produced by Trusties
  • Mixed by Marko Oikarinen
  • Mastering: Virtalähde Analog Audio
  • Photos & Artwork: Mika Kamula
  • Sahara Sandwork & Graphics: Marko Kela
  • Mix beer: Velkopopovický Kozel Dark

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RadiobeingsAutopilotFree FallRituals & RoutinesHuman Wheel (instr) – When Sense Meets Its MakerThem Or UsDjemonieeIs This The Last Round? (instr) – You Can Only LoseEndless RunReinvention Of The Wheel

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Free Fall (sample)

When Sense Meets Its Maker

Them Or Us (sample)

Critical acclaim

Staff editors Jon Neudorf and Steven Reid at both picked Human Wheel on their list of the best albums of 2009!

Top picks by Jon Neudorf:

20. Neal Morse – Lifeline
21. Trusties – Human Wheel (An excellent modern progressive rock album. Both melodic and complex, this one really caught my attention).
22. Fractal – Sequitur
23. Mike Keneally – Scambot 1

Top picks by Steven Reid:

39. House Of Lords – Cartesian Dreams
40. Trusties – Human Wheel (Great songs, great concepts)
41. UDO – Dominator

See the original Sea Of Tranquility article: The Staff’s Top Picks of 2009


“Trusties are a band that is hard to beat, effortlessly able to create a vibrant soundscape such as on ‘When Sense Meets Its maker’ and ‘Them Or Us’ that engulfs with its theatrics until you are powerless, destined to go on Trusties musical journey with them amid a wave of intricate guitars that will excite and amaze in equal measure.”

“‘Human Wheel’ is graceful, allowing every intricate drum beat, every complex guitar riff to truly shine for all to appreciate be you a true prog-rock follower or merely an occasional listener.”

“Forget what you thought you knew about progressive rock and open your minds to the world of Trusties.”

Jodie Woodgate / R13 RoomThirteen Rating: 10 / 13

“…knew I was on to something both original and entertaining. Expect no less from the rest of Human Wheel with the title track, Them or Us, and You Can Only Lose presenting smashing arrangements which will have prog fans simultaneously smiling and scratching their heads.”

“Human Wheel is pure prog magic from some very talented fellows. Very recommended.”

Craig Hartranft / Rating: 4.5 / 5

“… With interesting time signatures, delightful guitar, keyboard and bass inter changes along with intelligent and thought provoking lyrics sung by a singer with a wide sphere of influences and impressive range, Trusties third album is modern progressive rock presented in a most interesting and involving way.
Repeated listens will be rewarded.”

Steven Reid / Sea Of Tranquility

“…Human Wheel contains many highlights but you need to check out the melodically delicious “Radiobeings” with its irresistible chorus, tasty guitar riffs and lead guitar that would make your fingers burn. Just as good is the keyboard laden “Autopilot” … “Freefall” combines the crunch of metal with tricky drum patterns and bass guitar that absolutely rips…”

jlneudorf / Progressive Ears Rating: 8 / 10

“…What we get to hear is musically of a very high level. This is excellent Progressive Rock that does sound a lot like RUSH, yet still with an own identity, due to the vocalwork of singer MATTI YLILAURI and also some different approaches in the instrumental sections…”

“…Their new CD ‘Human Wheel’ is a must-have for any Progrockfan, so go check it out at: and”


“…This is also a disc that requires a lot from the listener, I’ve listened it 6 or 7 times now, and it doesn’t feel like I’ve heard everything yet. Often it’s discs like this that don’t leave the player for the whole lifetime.”

Roger Öhrström / EXTENDED MIX Rating: 7 / 10

“…Tietyllä tavalla soitosta tulee myös mieleen Frank Zappan entisten stuntkitaristien soolotyöt, joista löytyy niin selkeälinjaisia laulumelodioita kuin vanhojen Zappa-fanien odottamaa korkealentoista kiemurteluakin.”

“…Etnistä otetta löytyy kappaleesta Free Fall, joka on sävellyksenä niin vahva, että se toimisi hyvin instrumentaalisenakin, tuoden mieleen Steve Vain työt. Rituals & Routines puolestaan näyttää, että mikäli Rush olisi fuusiobändi, se luultavasti kuulostaisi tältä. Instrumentaalisella nimikappaleella ollaan enomaisissa tunnelmissa, jotka johdattavat tummasävyiseen When Sense Meets Its Makeriin. Siinä ja kappaleella Them Or Us koskettimet päästetään hieman paremmin esille kuin levyn alkupuoliskolla.”

Kalevi Heino / Rating: 8 / 10

“Human Wheel is highly recommended for progressive rock fans. With this album the Trusties show lots of progressive highlights, sometimes heavy and the other time with emphasis on rock. Trusties are a band that deserves a breakthrough. With this album it might be possible.”

ProgRalph / Digital Steel Rating: 85 / 100


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