Untouchable – a concept album by Trusties

Trusties releases a new concept album “Untouchable”

“Untouchable” is a psychological thriller about a seemingly normal kid planning a mass murder. It is the fourth album from the Finnish progressive rock group Trusties, and clearly their most ambitious work so far, a full blown concept album or a rock opera as some might call it.


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The music combines diverse influences ranging from symphonic rock to heavy metal and folk music. Musical expression and emotional range of the performance are taken to their extremes, sometimes reaching theatrical measures.

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1. Arrival from Within 2:14
2. Slave of the Song 3:29
3. Quicksand 2:45
4. Loner in the Lonely Land 2:43
5. There's Nothing Out There 3:18
6. Children of the Machine 5:50
7. A Grave Inside Me 1:26
8. Outside of Place and Time 4:23
9. A Dream I Never Had 5:21
10. Return to the Surface of the Earth 6:35
   Empty Minds United
   Human Hater
   Talking to Myself
11. Exposed to Light 2:49
12. Room of New Life 1:30
13. The Last Wish 10:53

~ by Marko Oikarinen on December 16, 2016.

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