Growing Smaller / His Blue Sky

Composition: Veijalainen
Lyrics: Ylilauri

Comments by Ville:

  • The verse and chorus contain only two chords. A two-chorded version without the middle-section was once performed live.
  • This time the guitar riff is Ville’s
  • Marko’s brother Matti plays the Marimba parts
  • Ville’s first Trusties song???? He really likes Beethoven, who inspired the middle section. He also got ideas from Paul Simon & Aerosmith.
  • Ville had the main bass line and the guitar melody already in 1989. He was playing mainly heavy/thrash metal at the time, so there was no use for this kind of stuff. He also felt not being able to write the song the way he wanted. Over the next years he re-visited the ideas every now and then without getting anywhere. When he joined Trusties in 1994, he gave it another try, because it obviously would fit their style very well. Finally he also found the inspiration for the vocal line, the development section and the over-all song form. Ville’s composition process has always been slow, but this was even unusually slow for him (6 years for 4 minutes of music, talk about productivity).



~ by Marko Oikarinen on August 3, 1997.

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