WJWTRTW / Your God (6:13)

Composition: Oikarinen, Ylilauri, Veijalainen
Lyrics: Ylilauri & Oikarinen

Track details:
Matti: lead vocals
Oikku: electric & acoustic guitars, backing vocals, drums
Ville: fretted bass, keyboards, backing vocals


  • A dark & provocative track, maybe the heaviest we’ve done so far.
  • The lyrics were inspired by a TV-document ” One real god ” and life itself.
  • Again there are some latin references in the drum comp of the chorus.
  • A real drummers comment of the drum performance was: “A real drummer wouldn’t play stuff like that.”
  • Morse coded S.O.S. forms the motive for apart of the verse vocal line. It influenced also the lyrics there.

~ by Marko Oikarinen on December 4, 2003.

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