Human Wheel / Radiobeings (9:41)

Composition: Oikarinen
Lyrics: Ylilauri, Oikarinen

Track details:
lead vocals: Matti
drums: Janne
bass: Ville
lead guitars (left & right): Oikku
crunch guitar (center): Suti
clean guitar (right): Suti
solo: Oikku
keys: Oikku
backing vocals: Oikku, Ville
whispers: Matti


This song was composed in a top-down manner. The starting/ending riff came from my way-back-when archives. After dreaming up the verse and chorus, I wrote down on paper what kind of parts I’d like to have around them. The “blueprint” was very informal with instructions like: “a massive slow 3/4 section followed by a weird and very quiet minimal part” and “insert whale mating call here”. After that there was just the matter of finding the right notes to match the instructions.

I don’t really like to comment on lyrics because they can be interpreted in many ways. But, I’ll say this: what would “outside observers” make of it when they’d look at us and find everybody speaking into a little radio on their ear?

I know what you mean about commenting lyrics. When thinking about it, it should be easier to talk about lyrics, than about music. But somehow I’m afraid that it might restrict the freedom of interpretation. The lyrics should be kind of complete by themselves, and not need any guidance.

Me and Janne had a thrash-metal band as kids, this seems to have affected the solo background. Or did you Marko inspire it? Anyway it works well in a fusion type of harmonic context I think. Another thing that got contributed in the band sessions, was to inspire Marko to build a climax towards the end of the solo, and then start building a new beginning from silence when the vocals return.

I remember us working on the solo section at rehearsals trying to use many different styles in it to keep it interesting. Probably someone mentioned ‘Testament’ and well… certain things are bound to happen if the T-word gets mentioned 🙂


~ by Marko Oikarinen on July 1, 2009.

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