Human Wheel / Autopilot (4:52)

Composition & Lyrics: Veijalainen

Track details:
lead vocals: Matti & Maarit
drums: Janne
bass: Ville
piano: Ville
clean guitars: Oikku
crunch guitar (right): Suti
lead guitar (left, sometimes doubled left & right): Oikku
keys: Ville
backing vocals: Ville, Oikku, Maarit


The piano melody opening the song was also the starting point for the composition process. Usually we replace the piano with guitars, because they sound better, but this time also the piano was allowed to stay. I took the chords to the melody from a cheesy 6/8 folk-song, which had been lying in the drawer of my desk unused for some time, being too ordinary and unimpressive. The dark atmosphere of the B-part provides some contrast, which will probably spoil the hit potential promised by the opening. But the music sort of wrote itself here, and didn’t ask for my permission to make this transition.

After the second A-part, there follows something which could be interpreted as a chorus, except this is the only time it’s heard in the song, so maybe it can’t be called the chorus? It was the last thing written for the song and it replaced an instrumental section that was noodling around G and Am7/G chords in 5/4 time. Before returning to the easy-going variation of the main riff it was appropriate to create some tension by altering the tonal focus a little. Thus came to be the ‘Some say you can’t have…’ part, where the melody is another variation of the theme.

After repeating the B-part, this time in a metal disguise, a wholly new part is introduced, perhaps with slightly Canadian flavour. After some moments of confusion we find our selves singing along the A-part again, which transforms into the opening riff and a gives you a moment to catch your breath again. We tried to record Matti shouting ‘Oh yeah’ here, but it wasn’t to happen this time, and Frank Marino was not around either. In the end we can’t escape from spinning in a little familiar loop, so maybe this is the chorus of the song? The very ending gives a little nod towards Accept or Judas Priest.

Canadian flavour… oh, you must mean Anvil, right?


~ by Marko Oikarinen on July 2, 2009.

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