Human Wheel / Djemoniee (5:16)

Composition: Oikarinen
Lyrics: Ylilauri, Oikarinen

Track details:
lead vocals: Matti
drums: Janne
bass: Ville
clean guitars: Oikku
lead guitar & solo: Oikku
backwards guitars: Suti
whispers: Matti
backing vocals: Oikku


For this one I had an almost complete arrangement ready. Most of the key lines of the lyrics come from Matti’s vast idea archives. We then worked on the lyrics together adding to them and making them fit the melody. Suti’s backward guitar parts complement the atmosphere nicely.

Yes, most of the bass line and even some of the drum fills came directly from Marko’s demo. The section after the guitar solo took a little bit new direction during the band sessions.

About the title Djemoniee: it doesn’t actually mean anything. I had to remember the original idea somehow so I made up a name for it by verbalizing the sound the guitar makes when playing the main riff. It was the working title before we had any lyrics and we kept it because it sounds mysterious 🙂


~ by Marko Oikarinen on July 8, 2009.

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