Progressive Ears presents a glowing review of Human Wheel

“…It’s refreshing to actually hear the bass player and the drummer excels at tricky rhythms and patterns….”

“…Human Wheel contains many highlights but you need to check out the melodically delicious “Radiobeings” with its irresistible chorus, tasty guitar riffs and lead guitar that would make your fingers burn. Just as good is the keyboard laden “Autopilot” that probably has the nicest melody on the CD. “Freefall” combines the crunch of metal with tricky drum patterns and bass guitar that absolutely rips…”

…Trusties are a talented band and one that any fan of intelligent music needs to hear. If you like bands such as Saga, ACT and Rush, give Human Wheel a spin and hear what all the fuss is about.

Read the whole review at !


~ by Marko Oikarinen on September 21, 2009.

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